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Profiles of previous interns.

Isaac Ng

Chemical Engineer (2020)

Chemical Engineering student at Heriot Watt University Malaysia with future ambition is to become a process engineer in the food/ pharmaceutical industry. Currently, doing design and optimisation of sustainable value chain for animal feed in Malaysia.

Lau Siew kei

Chemical Engineer (2020)
22 year-old studying Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. He is passionate about introducing and scaling sustainable development, with bio waste-to-wealth being his forte. He is doing this by applying the Food Recovery Hierarchy model (as promoted by US EPA) and UN SDGs (9 and 12 specifically). He practised his passion by being in a partnership that turns food and agricultural wastes into insect-protein based animal feed. His responsibility is to reduce energy and operating costs across this new process and new value chain to make this bio-innovation commercially viable.

Lee Ka Kit

Chemical Engineer (2019)
He is a Chemical Engineering student who will soon to be graduated in degree of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours at Xiamen University Malaysia in 2020. He is currently in the process of conducting research related nano membrane and nano cellulose in both the Malaysia and China Xiamen University Campus. His primary area of work when working as an intern at Agridon Technologies would be the Autocads drawing for machine and plants, P&ID, process design and cost calculations, as well as assisting different clients in related sectors under the supervision of Dr. Chan Chian Wen. He has understanding on the sustainable aquaculture technologies, extraction & evaporation process in a closed system as well as utilisation and reduction of food waste in the industry to assist the industry in achieving sustainable food sources and waste reduction.

Lim Hooi Ren

Process Engineer (2019)
Lim Hooi Ren is a Year 4 student pursuing MEng Chemical Engineering with Oil and Gas Technology at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. He got the opportunity to do an internship at Agridon Technologies Sdn Bhd. During his internship, he got the opportunity to navigate and work independently with client during the commissioning phase of our freeze-drying project. Furthermore, his role is to help the team with equipment drawing and through this experience he got to hone his AutoCAD skill.

Dyan Tannoo

Chemical Engineer (2018)
He is an undergraduate chemical engineer from Heriot-Watt University Malaysia doing his Masters in Engineering (MEng degree). His experience in Agridon Technologies includes doing P&ID and site layout of extraction, spray drying, and polyurea processing. Along the way, he gained more commercial and practical knowledge in industrial chemical and bioprocessing technologies. He has also become very adept at producing commercial shop drawings of machineries in 2D and 3D.

Lim Kong Sun

Bio-scientist (2017)
He aims to pursue undergraduate studies majoring in Biology. Currently interning at AGRIDON Technologies to gain an insight into manufacturing processes involving biotechnology as well as to gauge into entrepreneurial business management.

Al-Anazy, Hamid Ahmed Khalid Khalifah

Chemical Engineer 2017)
As of 2017, currently undergoing his final year in MEng Chemical Engineering at Heiot-Watt University Malaysia. He got the opportunity to work as an intern at Agridon Technologies. Being able to understand and getting insight to new break-through technologies used in industries for various processes such as drying and bio-reactions. His role is to help the team in drawing Piping and Instrumentation Diagram’s, 3D and 2D drawing of the equipments and being able to participate in the HAZOP study of on-going projects.





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