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What does Pan-Gaea represent?
Pan is Greek god of fertility, Gaea is Greek goddess of earth, Pangaea was a supercontinent, to us, represents multilateral collaboration. Pan-Gaea is thus an aspiration of multilateral collaboration towards nature-positive solution.

What is Pan-Gaea’ mission?

  • Turning by-products of palm-oil into alternative protein for cost-effective yet sustainable aquafeed.

What are the key objectives of Pan-Gaea?

How is Pan-Gaea doing it?

  • Turning by-products of pam oil into Black Soldier Fly (BSF) insects.
  • Turning BSF into formulated aquafeed.
What are Pan-Gaea’s services?

Our Services

Farm management for reducing operational expenses of BSF farms.

Design, build, and operation of post-harvest processes and technologies.

Formulation and manufacturing of alternative aquafeed.
Design, management, and monitoring of end-user feeding trials.

Who are the participants of Pan-Gaea?






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